DIM Program - is

Adaptation assistance

Investment in life

Motivation and support

Focus on everyone:

  • Children in residential institutions
  • Family in crisis
  • Child in a foster family

Our values:

  • Actions aimed at result
  • Individual integrated approach
  • Experience, team work, dedication

Adaptation assistance. Helping children in orphanages and boarding schools

Orientation for adaptation to independent life

Cooperation with social centers and boarding schools in achieving the goals of the project.

Individual work (Individual Mentoring)

Education, comprehensive training and support of Mentors and volunteers for children and youth in boarding schools and social support centers (individual and corporate Mentoring).

Corporate mentoring

It is a set of services provided by businesses in partnership with the Fund and the state to support young people in discovering their talents, desires and opportunities in choosing their future profession with the aim of their successful integration into society.

Group work

Conducting educational, cultural and sports events, group classes and psychological trainings aimed at the comprehensive development of the child.

Community outreach

Educational activities for the people in the community on awareness of orphans and children deprived of parental care: the basic needs of the child and the ways to meet them.

Working with boarding school and orphanage graduates

Conducting interest clubs for boarding school graduates.

Investment in life

Prevention of social orphanhood - help and support of parents at risk of deprivation of parental rights and families in difficult life circumstances.

Project "Share the Warmth"

Collection and distribution of clothes for those who need help.

Project "Basket of Kindness"

Help with food to the families who find themselves in a difficult situation.

Project "Change your life for the better"

complex work with families wishing to improve the quality of life, including psychological and legal assistance, career guidance, assistance in developing skills in housekeeping, advice on raising and caring for children.

Project "Positive Parenting"

Assistance in creating effective and warm relationships in the family.

Motivation and support

of volunteers, mentors, specialists, and parents raising orphans and children deprived of parental care.

Project "We Are Near"

Is a comprehensive, timely assistance to parents with various forms of family care in the development and adaptation of children who became a part of their family.
  • development of the activities of the foster parents’ council: creation of a platform for organizing mutual assistance
  • making sites for joint pastime of parents and children (camps, forums, trainings, family clubs, etc.)
  • volunteers visiting families and spending the weekend with them
  • consulting and supporting the families with the help of specialists in different directions

Community outreach

Educational work aimed at familiarizing the population with various forms of family care for children deprived of parental care and orphans.

"Dream & Achieve" Project

Support and motivation of orphans and children deprived of parental care, who are brought up in family-type orphanages and other forms of family care, to help them achieve success in their studies and social adaptation.

"Everyone Matters" Project

  • support and motivation of mentors and volunteers for orphans and children deprived of parental care
  • exchange of experience, training, prevention of emotional burnout

Development of a volunteer movement

To support family type orphanages, guardians, and foster parents.

"The Kidsave" Project

Helps to find a family for an older child from a boarding school (orphanage) and gives them support.

Why it is important?

There are over 106,000 children living in residential institutions. Did you know that 92% of the children in boarding schools have parents? If they have parents, then why are they in boarding schools or orphanages? The reasons include their parents’ poverty, various addictions, difficult life circumstances, and more. More than 600,000 children live in families in crisis, and they, in fact, "stand in line" of getting into residential institutions.

Everyone in their community can help and support:

  • A mother (father) or a grandmother who raise children on their own.
  • A family that found itself in difficult life circumstances.
  • A family that took children from an orphanage to foster care.

After all, it is from such families that children most often end up in residential institutions. 30% of the children brought up in such institutions will bring their children there.

These children and families need help every day.

Most of all they are in need of love, support, help in mastering life skills, care and attention.

If you want to help a child, regardless of whether he or she is in an institution, in a family in difficult life circumstances, or in a family raising a child deprived of parental care, do help!

  • Support the Mentoring project, or become a Mentor for a child in a residential institution.
  • Support a family in difficult life circumstances, or projects of the Foundation in this direction.
  • Support a family that has adopted or sheltered children from an orphanage.

Your help may be systematic or one-time, practical, financial or advisory. We also need your prayer support!

Your every step of help is extremely important and needed!